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Homemade Face Packs for Fair Skin

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Is it possible to make face packs for fair skin at home? Can home-made face packs give fair skin? The answer is YES. Every Indian girl aspires to look fair and in a social gathering, it becomes a priority. A home-made face pack to look fair and beautiful is the need of the hour. Experts always recommend the use of …

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Instant Ways to a Glowing Complexion in a Week

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Is your skin showing signs of dullness and ageing? Then, you need something instant that will give you a glowing complexion within a weeks’ time. Stressed out life, pollution, insomnia, unhealthy eating habits have taken a toll on your skin. It is now marred by acne, dark circles, blackheads, uneven skin tone, rough texture and a lacklustre look. No time …

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More Ingredients in Fair Look

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Fair Look is an Ayurvedic formulation to enhance your skin tone and give it a clear and fairer look. Here are some more ingredients in Fair Look. Aloe Gel Aloe Vera has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides the skin with a protective layer which helps in retaining moisture. Rich in anti-oxidants it heals the skin quickly and is perfect …

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Main Ingredients in Fair Look

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Continued from our previous blog Flaunt a fair and fabulous skin with Fair Look, here are some more ingredients and their benefits in Fair Look. Chandan Chandan or Sandalwood is a traditional skin toner that makes the skin fairer and softer. Sandalwood helps to get rid of dark spots, blackheads, blemishes, rashes, acne and pimples. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and …

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Flaunt a fair and fabulous skin with Fair Look

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Flaunt a fair and fabulous skin with Fair Look. We as Indians are totally enamoured by a fair skin. It is the most important criteria to look attractive and handsome. The craze to buy fairness cream and lotion is on a rise among women and men equally. We deeply understand the sentiments behind the secret desire to possess a fair …

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Fairness from Fair Look

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For Indians, ‘FAIR IS BEAUTIFUL’ and ‘FAIRNESS FROM FAIR LOOK’ is our motto. We deeply understand the sentiments behind the secret desire to possess a fair skin. Further, it is utmost necessary to flaunt a healthy and flawless skin irrespective of the color. Hence, we have introduced an Ayurvedic formulation – FAIR LOOK to enhance your skin tone and give …

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10 natural home remedies for fair skin to get an instant glow

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Fairness and beauty are what everyone desires for and with this, ‘how to become fair’ has become a million dollar question for many. You might have tried various other beauty products available in the market to get that instant glow but did that help is the question you have to answer for yourself. We all are exposed to beauty endorsements …

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Skin care tips

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If skin is Oily or Acne prone, Include Zinc in diet, found in wheat germ, pumpkin seeds & crab Also take Vitamin B3, found in eggs & roasted chicken. Increase intake of water. To Maintain healthy & normal skin, nails & hair, include Vitamin B2 in diet found in whole milk, cornflakes & eggs. If skin is Dry, include Omega 3 in …

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