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Flaunt a fair and fabulous skin with Fair Look

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Flaunt a fair and fabulous skin with Fair Look. We as Indians are totally enamoured by a fair skin. It is the most important criteria to look attractive and handsome. The craze to buy fairness cream and lotion is on a rise among women and men equally.

We deeply understand the sentiments behind the secret desire to possess a fair skin. Further, it is utmost necessary to flaunt a healthy and flawless skin irrespective of the colour. Hence, we have introduced an Ayurvedic formulation to enhance your skin tone and give it a clear and fairer look. The product, Fair Look, comes in the form of a lotion that minimizes scars, blemishes, and pigmentation and nourishes your skin tissues internally for best results.

Each gm of Fair Look Lotion contains:

Haldi Curcuma Longa 1.00%
Manjishtha Rubia Cordifolia 1.65%
Chandan Santalum Album 1.65%
Aloe Gel Aloe Vera 2.00%
Lemon Peel Citrus Lemon 2.00%
Yastimadhu Glycyrrhiza Glabra 2.00%
Chirongi Buchanania Latifolia 2.00%
Gulab Phool Rosa Centifolia 2.00%
Honey Mel 2.00%

Main Ingredients in Fair Look

Haldi (Turmeric)


Haldi or Turmeric contains a bioactive component called Curcumin which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These characteristics provide lustre and glow to the skin and revive the skin to its natural glow. It helps in reducing scarring due to acne and targets the pores and calms the skin. Turmeric is a popular skin lightening agent which is used to prevent acne and rid the skin of acne marks, blackheads, blemishes, dark spots and other skin infections; in addition, it is used to disinfect burns and cuts due to its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. It adds radiance and glows to the skin.

Turmeric not only adds flavour and colour to the food, but it also gives colour to the skin, balances skin discolourations and patches, prevents and fights breakouts & pimples. It is good for oily skin as it regulates the production of sebum thus helping in deep pore cleansing leading to a fairer, flawless skin.



Manjistha has been used for centuries to improve skin complexion. Known as Indian Madder or Rubia Cordifolia, it is effective against skin infections that keep recurring, including acne and diseases related to oozing and oedema. It evens out the skin tone by taking care of pigmentation anomalies, including loss of pigmentation, colour and freckles. It is also known to promote the healing of the skin due to burns and scalds while preventing the formation of scars. Manjistha even reduces itching and inflammation, giving skin an even tone; and imparts a reddish tinge and lustre to face.

Manjistha cleanses and cools the blood thus improving the complexion. It helps release the natural moisture of the skin by improving blood circulation thus guarding against over-drying and patching, improving the texture and elasticity. The ageing process of the skin also slows down due to the improved blood flow. Antiseptic properties of the herb help clear the skin of infections, including acne, eczema, scabies and any allergic reactions. The anti-inflammatory property reduces itching and calms the skin; while smoothing it. Manjistha not only adds glow and lustre to the face but also renders it a reddish tinge.



Charoli or Chironji is an evergreen tree found in native India especially in the north-western region. It is also known as Char, Boruda, and Priyala in different states of India. Chirongi is an almond-shaped dry fruit which is extracted from the bark of the charoli tree.

Charoli is prominently used to garnish various Indian milk based sweet dishes and added to curries to enhance the flavour. However many are not aware of its numerous health benefits, primarily to the skin. The oil extracted from charoli seeds improves the texture of the skin keeping it free from blemishes, acne, and scars. The oil also acts as an anti-aging agent and prevents wrinkles making you look younger day by day. The seeds of charoli provide relief from itching, rashes and other skin ailments too.

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