Skin care tips

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  • If skin is Oily or Acne prone, Include Zinc in diet, found in wheat germ, pumpkin seeds & crab Also take Vitamin B3, found in eggs & roasted chicken. Increase intake of water.
  • To Maintain healthy & normal skin, nails & hair, include Vitamin B2 in diet found in whole milk, cornflakes & eggs.
  • If skin is Dry, include Omega 3 in diet, found in flex seeds & Avocado.
  • If skin is Prematurely Aging, include Silicon in diet, found in onions & millets.
  • To slow down aging of skin & to maintain elasticity, include Bioflavonoid in diet, found in apricots & broccoli.
  • To reduce Puffiness, include Dandelion in diet in form of salad, it reduces water retention. Avoid mucus forming food such as milk & milk products.
  • To Improve muscle tone or for face lift, include Vitamin E in diet, found in Almonds, spinach & muesli.
  • To reduce pimples & Bacteria, include Vitamin C in diet, found in strawberries & Kiwi.
  • To reduce Wrinkles & Free radicals, include Vitamin C in diet, found in orange & cauliflower.
  • To reduce eczema, pale or cracked skin & lips, include Folic Acid in diet, found in spinach peanuts.
  • To reduce Dandruff, include Selenium in diet, found in mixed nuts & shrimps.
  • To reduce Rash, include Manganese in diet found in almonds & soya beans.
  • To reduce inflammation, dehydration of skin or burning sensation or eyes, include Vitamin B6 in diet, found in banana, mango & Brussels sprouts.
  • To remove itchiness & redness of skin, remove milk, dairy products & eggs from diet.

It is important to have clean bowels every morning to reduce toxins & have clean & healthy skin.

Do Butter Fly Asana to strengthen under things & to reduce puffiness & under eye dark circles.

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